Order's Bane 2e

1.1 On a Boat
The Adventure Begins...

The setting
You are all aboard a merchant vessel, the Blue Heron captained by Captain Revas, in route from the East heading to the Western Continent of S’Vanya, its final destination, Elchay. For your own reasons you have sought adventure, fortune or personal discovery in the West. You’ve all been aboard the ship as passengers for two weeks now and are a bit restless from the vastness of sea and nothing to occupy your time.

-Below Deck/Crew Quarters
The captain’s cabin is at the rear (aft) of the boat and the crew’s quarters are located at the front of the ship. The smell of tar, burning lamp oil and body odor are thick and palpable below deck. The snores of the crew are quite audible, but do not drown out the creak of the boat as it sways with the sea. The quarters are cramped and the beds are lumpy and uncomfortable, but there are enough for both passenger and crew. Small candles on tables in the middle of the crew quarters burn weakly providing a dim light.

-Above Deck
The salty sea air blows calms gusts along the deck. The creak of the boat and the strain of ropes and and ruffling of sails can be heard, otherwise, the sea is calm and soothing. The occasional lap of water on the bow can be heard below as the ship breaks through low waves. The stars are obscured by cloud cover so light is scarce unless lamps or torches are lit above deck.

-Captain’s Cabin
This is inaccessible unless the characters are successful lock pick check which will be too hard (and not a wise choice either way) for current level 1 characters.

1.0 Welcome!
What is going on?

Hello adventurer!

Welcome! Where are you? Why, you’re on a ship. You’ve answered the call for adventure in a land far from your home, far across the sea. You’ve boarded a boat headed towards the port city of Elchay, on the east coast of the land of S’vanya.

You have been at sea for a week now and have at least another week until you reach your destination. During your sea voyage it has been quite uneventful and you have been able to use this time to get to know some of the people on board, mainly your companions, who have also answered this same call.

None of you know what you are really getting into. The call for help has come from abroad pleading for any help in maintaining a semblance of peace as well as asking for any available mercenaries who can aid in a task of utmost importance. You all have agreed to partner up for this adventure (for your own personal reasons, be they fame, fortune, honor, or glory).

The sea is calm and you are starting to get restless…


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